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Message Subject Portland Oregon Police Torture mother and 9 year old daughter!! Why do we not have open rebellion yet? This could be your 9 year old Child!!!
Poster Handle chumptroll
Post Content
Strange? No. This is a FUCKING OUTRAGE. This is a crime against humanity. Those responsible for this insidious act are now doomed. If there is a God in heaven, if there is any justice in the Cosmos, these serpents will fucking pay. I´m mad as hell. You should be too. We the People shall not stand for this kind of treatment. Lay down and accept this and you´ll get more and more and more. These lizards must be tried and sentenced appropriately. This is blatant tyranny. These are naked acts of abuse against innocent citizens... CHILDREN for God´s sake.

Demons, I rebuke thee. With all spiritual power I am afforded, I smite thee with your own Karmic forces. You have crossed the line and you will be shown the power of Light.

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