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Message Subject Portland Oregon Police Torture mother and 9 year old daughter!! Why do we not have open rebellion yet? This could be your 9 year old Child!!!
Poster Handle chumptroll
Post Content
Strange? No. This is a FUCKING OUTRAGE. This is a crime against humanity. Those responsible for this insidious act are now doomed. If there is a God in heaven, if there is any justice in the Cosmos, these serpents will fucking pay. IŽm mad as hell. You should be too. We the People shall not stand for this kind of treatment. Lay down and accept this and youŽll get more and more and more. These lizards must be tried and sentenced appropriately. This is blatant tyranny. These are naked acts of abuse against innocent citizens... CHILDREN for GodŽs sake.

Demons, I rebuke thee. With all spiritual power I am afforded, I smite thee with your own Karmic forces. You have crossed the line and you will be shown the power of Light.

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