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Message Subject Portland Oregon Police Torture mother and 9 year old daughter!! Why do we not have open rebellion yet? This could be your 9 year old Child!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What lies at the bottom of all this is the fascist LIBERALS who have run Oregon for the past
dozen years. The prior mayor of Portland, had a terrorist who now resides in the state pen, literally working in her office. The former governor KITZHOPPER.. was he doctor who pushed the government involvement into family´s lives.

Now when a baby is born in Oregon before the family is allowed to leave the hospital a social worker is involved, a determination of the family is made and followed throughout the childs growing years.

Bushville? YOU FOOL.. its is communist liberals who have taken control of our government here in Oregon, thanks to the metropolitan areas such as Portland and the Republic of Eugene, the freaky flakey Ashland arts crowd, no neoconservative would ever allow this big brother involvement!!!

It was 4 years ago, some do gooder in Grantspass, turned in a young family living in a RV on a farm. Saying the children looked hungry,
they didn´t attend school Police and CSD knocked on the door and from that point on hell visited this family. At this time the parents are in jail for attempting to recover their children. Oh and the kids...well they have been adopted out. LIBERALS who run children services of Oregon need to be rooted out and put in jail!

Who turned in the family living in peace? A liberal DO GOODER...!
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