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Subject Hip Hop using "Illuminati" way to constantly now, what exactly is happening???
Poster Handle MARKETING?
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Did the bosses of that side of the industry begin to tell their workers to begin to use Illuminati like it is just a regular world?. Was a memo passed around that told these rappers to ahead and use the illuminati word.

If a kid hears the biggest names in that realm use that world they might not get it, but then they will go online and search about it. The use of the word it is constant now used in defensive tones or blatant flaunting for example.

Eminem in his latest song says "Illuminati Is Here"


Kanye his new song says "Illuminati, what does that mean?.


Jay z says "I am so wealthy that they think I'm Illuminati"


I think if you search any recent rap song you will see somewhere in them Illuminati is mentioned in some way, what exactly is going here.
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