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Kenya closes Tokyo embassy, citizens advised to leave

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United States
03/18/2011 01:53 PM
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Kenya closes Tokyo embassy, citizens advised to leave
Posted Friday, March 18 2011 at 19:07

The Kenya mission in Tokyo has closed temporarily and Kenyans have been advised to consider leaving Japan due to high radiation levels.A statement said those who wished to remain in the country, should however, "strictly observe the advice of the authorities as pertains to the Fukushima area, including the set evacuation zones".

They were also urged to avoid all travel to North Eastern Japan and Tokyo and to relocate as far away as possible from those areas and notify the embassy of their new locations.

"Due to the greater damage and potential fall out from the reactor, the mission has embarked on immediate evacuation of Mission staff plus their families from Japan
," said the statement released by Kenya's Foreign Affairs ministry Friday...

[link to www.africareview.com]