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Today on the feast of St. Joseph, sharing revelation about him which make sense, as father of the Holy Family

Anonymous Coward
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03/19/2011 07:13 PM
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Today on the feast of St. Joseph, sharing revelation about him which make sense, as father of the Holy Family
I posted the same awhile back....

Here, some of the footnotes to confirm a revelation given to a seer about the life of Joseph.
St. Joseph was ever virgin like Mary.

If you get time, read the two pages containing the message. I share the link

The Life of St. Joseph...just keep reading, it's very, very interesting, how God made and prepared St. Joseph.

1. As a house cannot be built without first laying its foundations, so here also, before narrating about the life, graces, virtues, and glory of St. Joseph there is first laid down the theological foundation for them, i.e., the predestination of St. Joseph as the spouse of Mary, Mother of Jesus, the Only-Begotten Son of God the Father, according to the designation of the Gospel "Joseph, the spouse of Mary," etc. (Mt 1:16).
Predestination is the divine preordination ab-aeternis of those things which will be fulfilled by God's providence in time to come (St. Thomas, Summa Theol., p. 3, q. 24, art. 1). Now God, in the admirable disposition of His providence, preordained ab-aeternis the ineffable mystery of the Divine Incarnation as reparation for the fall of Adam, and as the means of saving all his descendants from eternal ruin. Therefore, in the fullness of time, the Eternal Word was to be made human flesh, and after a life of suffering, was to die on the cross as a voluntary victim. Jesus is therefore the first preordained one (Rom 1:3-5).

But under the eternal predestination fall not only what is to be fulfilled, but also the manner and order in which it is to be fulfilled (St. Thomas, p. 3, q. 24, art. 4). The manner and order in this case was that the Word would be made flesh of a virgin. It was necessary, however, to conceal this mystery of love from the world until the established time, in order to safeguard the reputation of the virgin Mother, and to preserve the honor of the Son. It was for this reason that God decreed that Mary was to become the spouse of the most humble, most chaste, and most holy among men in a celestially sanctioned marriage, and to this end a virgin spouse was preordained for Mary. He was to retain his virginity, and at the same time was to be the lawful father of Jesus, and in this manner Joseph was included, after Mary, in the decreed Incarnation of the Word, and after Mary, was also called to play the part of completing this ineffable mystery. "Hunc Deus elegit, ut Incarnationis aeconomise inserviret (Nat. Alex. Inst Concion, p. 3, in festo S. Joseph).

[link to www.motherofallpeoples.com]