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Subject mirelurks meats "canned meat" thread
Poster Handle MirelurkMeat
Post Content
MAYBE, after reading the BEZERK thread

the reason for the war in lybia/middle east is not only for oil/NWO but they are also trying to protect the stargate for the return of the ancestors

if the Chinese have the true draconian blood then they are trying to pave way for the NWO and global domination, something the NAZIS new and they tried to accomplish this before anyone else realized

thats why you have the Chinese posted up in mexico and Canada? also its one reason why FALLOUT3: ANCHORAGE ALASKA was a psyops which was to obvious, the BEZERK thread talked about starting an ice age to help stop the growth production of the draconian genome and even talked about updating military industrial complex to better suit the iceage.

another reason why the nuclear fallout is occurring is for MASS DEPOPULATION, and to start the Nuclear winter so they can have the planet to themselves in the future. this was a problem that was causing to much of concern. how will we progress forward if the world is already to goddamn over populated.. well the best answer is to get everything going downhill till it comes to a grinding halt and from there we can regroup and continue progressing, considering we are all prepared (TPTB).

whatya say whatya be?

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