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Subject Masons Built Replica Temple in Canada
Poster Handle PapaDunc
Post Content
Is it possible that the Masons built the government building in Manitoba as a symbol of the future? I mean, if a lot of people feel that the masons are helping to create this 'New World', then why would they build the province's legislative building as a replica of Soloman's Temple?

Its completely freaky to think that this building was built as a replica to Soloman's temple, with the Ark of the Covenant, two Sphinxes, statues of Medusa, Hermes, etc. Its believed that the golden statue of Hermes on top (referred to as the Golden Boy)is holding the torch of the illuminati.

So, I ask? Is it possible that Winnipeg is meant to be the center of a continent in a rebuild mode according to Mason plans? Think of this...

Manitoba's public electrical utility is also one of very few (I think 1 of 3) electrical utilities that protects its grid and substation equipment (special designed transformers) against massive external overloads (EMP?) and owned and run by a sub-government board. They also are attached and exporting power to much of Northern USA and are the only utility (other than sewer and water) not sold to private ownership in the province.

It is already the ground transportation hub to North America. They are just completing an expansion to their airport, doubling the size as well. Its holds by area two of the largest train yards in North American and the world. They're currently working on a complex called 'centreport', emphasing access to the largest shipping airport in North America, the largest trucking center, and, via train transport, a lesser known but major oceanic shipping port in Churchill, Manitoba

Winnipeg has a very large military base sitting unused to house approx. 15,000 military persons. Shilo, Manitoba once was a training ground for various military from around the world. And Winnipeg's air force base is already far larger than the amount of air support and military stationed there with plenty of room for expansion. As well, its home to one of the worlds most high tech jet engine laboratories, and both military and commercial aircraft are produced there as well. (Boing factory stationed there)

Winnipeg is the only city in the world to build a 29 mile long floodwater ditch that can hold 91,700 cubic feet per second of water (actually visible from space) in the 60's going around the city in the event of flooding. (prepared for rising water levels?) The floodway was approved by the provincial leader, Duff Roblin, also a Mason.

The province itself boasts having over 100,000 fresh lakes, many of them clean for drinking, and many stocked yearly with new fish.

To the West of the City is fertile black chernozem soil, considered to be of the best growing soil (and not government forced to use Roundup) To the north there is thousands of square miles of untouched land, forestry for lumber & wild game for hunting. To the East, the Canadian shield, full of untapped mineral resources.

Property value has tripled over the past 10 years.

The city just completed a water treatment facility with water testing the cleanest in North America, and large enough to support 3 million people on a regular day. Thats almost 3 1/2 times the current population that has been decreasing.

As well, they are just nearing completion of an insanely huge "museum of human rights" showcasing issues like the Halocaust in Germany and various other human rights fights and global massacre. It as a building that apparently none of the public wanted, but is being built overtop of what was once sacred Aboriginal ceremony land. It too is supposed to be done in the next year.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

The provincial motto is referred to as "Spirited Energy", previously "Friendly Manitoba"

As history see it, Winnipeg was an extremely bustling city around 1900. It had the newest theatres, the nicest hotels, and state of the art buildings that matched the likes of New York. But why was Winnipeg considered so important to so many Masons back then? Why did so many high influenced people build in the middle of the prairie, bringing huge luxury and business to a community of farmers? And why does it have its government building representing Masonic beliefs, and why is the city so prepared for global warming, military occupation, human rights history, and overall huge expansion of population?
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