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More ominous news about upcoming nuke drills.....

Anonymous Coward
08/18/2005 12:34 AM
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More ominous news about upcoming nuke drills.....
Hi All,

We need to get the Nuke Terror Drills info out to
everyone. At the bottom of this message, I have
included the phone numbers that TotalInformation
posted previously, as well as some links to help you
find out who your local member of congress is.

What follows is a short message stating in no
uncertain terms that we would not be fooled by another
staged terror attack. Please send this to all your
media, political, and personal contacts. Post it on
bulletin boards and blogs and tell the people there to
do the same. Simply cut and paste what is written
here, or write your own thing, and begin emailing it
out. Lets fill up the inboxes of all politicians and
the media.

Here´s the text of the email, followed by some numbers
and websites to help you contact the government.
You´ll notice in the first paragraph it says
"congress/the media." Change this part of the email
depending on who you´re sending the message to:

Subject: Terrorism Fears

Hello there, I am writing to you to express my fears
of another terrorist attack and was hoping you could
use your influence as a member of congress/the media
to try to prevent it.

Looking back on the attacks on 9/11, it has become
common knowledge that the U.S. Government was engaged
in various war games that morning, one of which
involved, unbelievably, an airliner being flown into a
building. Labeled Vigilant Warrior and Vigilant
Guardian among others, these war games may have been
responsible for the lack of air response by the FAA
and Norad. Here is a hyperlink to a news article on
this topic:
[link to www.boston.com]

Coincidentally, the London attacks on July 7 occurred
at precisely the same time as "bombing exercises" were
underway in the London Subway tunnels. Here is a link
to more information on this topic:

[link to www.canadafreepress.com]

The odds of identical terrorism drills being underway
at the same time as the actual attacks on 9/11 and 7/7
are simply unfathomable. These drills are merely
smoke screens to obfuscate the actual attacks, there
is no other logical conclusion that can be made.

In another more shocking coincidence, President Bush
attempted to prevent any serious investigation into
the 9/11 attacks, as did Tony Blair after the July 7th
attacks. More information on both of these topics can
be found here:

[link to archives.cnn.com]
[link to www.wsws.org]

The reason I am writing to you and why this issue is
so urgent is that the United States Government is
currently planning an exercise to focus on a nuclear
terror scenario. Information on these exercises can
be found here:
[link to www.northcom.mil]

President Bush has been pushing hard for an attack on
Iran for some time now and may be considering staging
a nuclear attack by the Iranians under cover of the
nuclear terrorism exercise to achieve it. The United
States government and all other governments of the
world need to realize that we will NOT be fooled again
and we will NOT be herded like sheep everytime they
need to further their agenda. Another government
sponsored terror attack will be the end of the Bush
Administration with the perpetrators being tried for

President Bush is currently suffering the lowest
approval rating of his presidential career, Iraq is a
failure, and the American Public is waking up. The
plight of Cindy Sheehan accurately depicts the
attitude of the general public and it will only get
worse. This government needs to know that further
staged terror attacks WILL NOT be tolerated.

This letter is being sent to all media, government,
and personal contacts on my list as well as many
others, please do the right thing and give it the
attention it deserves.

Contact your representative:
[link to www.house.gov]
[link to www.webslingerz.com]
Your Congressman and Senators:(202) 224-3121.
White House: 202-456-2421
FEMA Region IV (Atlanta): 770-220-5200, (770)
220-5224, and (770) 220-5225.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- ask if they´re looking
into the local FEMA office´s role: 404-526-5342 or
# South Carolina Emergency Management Division:
# Charleston Post-Courier 843-937-5561
# Charleston television: WCBD 2 -- 1-843-884-2288 ;
WCIV 4 -- (843) 723-4403 ; WCSC 5 (843) 402-5555
# North Carolina Emergency Management (919)733-3825
("Mid-August" terror dril schedulded over several days)
# Joint Task Force Civil Support at Ft. Monroe at
# United States Marine Corps´ Chemical Biological
Incident Response Force: (301)744-2038 ; (301)744-2027
; (301)744-2069
# NORTHCOMM: 719-554-4652
# Pentagon: 703/545-6700
# C-SPAN Washington Journal: 202-624-1111;
202-624-1115; 202-737-6734
# Lush Limbaugh: 1-800-282-2882
# Any radio talk show, no matter what policitcal
persuasion. Air America´s number is 1-866-303-2270
# Local print media -- ask them why they aren´t
running a story on this.

Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: More ominous news about upcoming nuke drills.....
This came from David Icke´s site, but has been noted on many others. Are we being kept on edge for a reason????


The following is something I have just received.
Thought you should see. Note this corresponds with the military i.e. Ghurkas living near me ... They were due to be restationed at Lester but now only half are going there. The other half are being moved back to Nepal (reasons urgent and unknown )

Looks as if September is a critical date.



Here is something I found. No, I can not support it or verify it in any way. But with things the way they are I dont think we need to just add it to the list and wait and watch ...

... About 3 weeks ago I was surfing some of the sites I enjoy posting on, when someone posted in all caps that they had just heard from an officer friend in the military that all leave had been cancelled for the month of September. Obviously aware of the false flags our government is famous for, this person sounded desperate, asking for help in confirming or denying this "rumor" from anyone who had connections in the military.

I happened to ask a co-worker friend of mine whose son in-law is in the Army (82nd) about checking out the "rumor". Well guess what, they´ve had to move up their leave to this coming week to come home because his unit has to be back by September 7th. Whereupon all leaves are cancelled! They have seen a steady build up of heavy materials just sitting in storage facilities. He also commented that they were rushed through a training course on new weapons systems they just rolled out. He thought this very odd and a first.

This sent shivers all through me.

Not to push any panic buttons I spoke with a dear woman with whom I work whose son is in the Army in an artillery unit. She is a former captain, her husband is a former Colonel and Vietnam vet and successful attorney here in our area who also happens to be dying from the effects of Agent Orange. Lo and behold their son was told all leaves are cancelled for September and in December they may get leave, but can travel no further than 17 kilometers from their base.

My niece is married to a young man in the Army stationed on the East Coast he is also 82nd, his leave has also been cancelled. Their first baby is due in December. I´m not prone to fits of paranoia but I have to tell you, I have begun stocking water and canned goods. I am ex-Air Force, I was on three ring standby most of my enlistment and was in a constant training mode. I know how this works and it doesn´t sound good.

The draft board offices are in place with staff waiting for the word to go. I read an article from a guy who works in one of those offices, he said Homeland Security came in there early last month and put up bullet proof glass on the windows and iron bars. They installed blast proof glass on the doors, and removed the mail drop box slots on the outside of the building. When he asked what was going on they identified themselves as Homeland Security and said don´t worry about the rest and left.

It´s coming no doubt about it. Sorry I can´t be more positive, but this is what I have heard with my own ears from three independent military member sources in different parts of the country.

(Don´t have a name to put with this information, but it is posted for people to make of what they will. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, who has had many dreams of the future that turned out to be true, told me two days ago that he felt that ´funny things´ would happen in September engineered by the Illuminati.)
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: More ominous news about upcoming nuke drills.....
can anyone else verify military leaves being diminshed for September?
12/08/2005 10:08 AM
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Re: More ominous news about upcoming nuke drills.....
I live near a rail line that sees traffic during these times. Prior to Gulf War I there was a train with m1 tanks on it that stretched as far as the eye could see. All painted beige. I told my client the bombs would fall within 30 days and he teased me most of the day. It was about 16 not 30. I have been past there and I don´t live there but the trains loiter for some time and I haven´t seen anything. Also I am near the tag 911 at PGH international and haven´t seen any real activity other than the usual tanker flying in. When anything occurs the C-130s go in and out in waves of about 10.