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Message Subject Rumbling noise being heard around the world!!! WTF Is Going On!!! PIN!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its the Earth ringing like a bell, reverberating from the quakes. I also think the plates are moving more than usual uhoh
 Quoting: American Poet

Tesla discovered that by using quantum energy he could cause the earth to 'tremble' or 'ring like a bell', but without the ringing. Instead, its a rumbling noise which is what people are hearing. He also found that he could cause a volcano to erupt, or make and earthquake happen by using and directing this energy. Someone is using this technology today! Plate 'theory' is just that, theory, and false theory at that. The earth has been expanding for thousands of years. Thats why theres a 'seam that runs all the way around the earth under the great oceans. Sudden earth changes can occur, and have occured. Atlantis was at one time above sea level, but now its under many fathoms of sea water. Off Japans coast can be found the underwater ruins of a past civilization that are under sea water. Could this happen again, suddenly? Absolutely!
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