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Message Subject Rumbling noise being heard around the world!!! WTF Is Going On!!! PIN!!!
Poster Handle Justin Shanahan
Post Content
Oh and this is also probably what it is too. NASA Worldwind and Google Earth found intriguing patterns lend credence to the theory that thousand of years ago, many coastal areas and cities that once existed there were submerged due to natural disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and tectonic shifts that forever obliterated them. They found patterns in the ocean floor. NASA found it too, so it isn't just google earth. From the coast of Florida/Cuba... Japan... They found in Japan underwater what looks like a man made object (To me it looks like steps or ancient benches).

[link to tommytoy.typepad.com]

A theory includes that Atlantis sunk and that the rumbling noises were probably part of it. If this is so, then maybe the some, most or all of the coaster areas may sink and a new land may emerge.....

Which reminds me of this: An ancient map of California...
[link to s8int.com]
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