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Message Subject Rumbling noise being heard around the world!!! WTF Is Going On!!! PIN!!!
Poster Handle JustMeInCT
Post Content
Has anyone compared recent rumbling reports to CT's Moodus Noises?

In short, these are strange, sometimes loud, rumbling / popping noises in the earth allegedly caused by small shallow earthquakes in the area.

Legends from these noises range from gods, to devil to witches doing battle underground until the devil gets pissed off and tosses them out.

I have to wonder how Moodus Noises compare to what is being reported elsewhere now...

[link to www.englisharticles.info]
"According to some stories, by the 1760s the Moodus noises had caused so much concern that King George III of England sent an alchemist, Dr. Steel, to the region to find their source. Some people say that he attempted to solve the problem by removing what Steel said was a giant pearl blocking the mouth of a cave near the river. Whether Steel actually removed anything is uncertain, but around this time the noises and tremors became subdued and less frequent. In 1816 and 1817, however, the tremors turned into large quakes."

Other links for more info:

[link to www.damnedct.com]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to www.nytimes.com]

[link to www2.gi.alaska.edu]

[link to www.sacred-texts.com]

[link to www.boudillion.com]

[link to grimreviews.blogspot.com]
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