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Message Subject Valerian Root......some straight-up inception shit. Wonder where i'm going tonite?
Poster Handle Dundas
Post Content
I've been trying valerian (500mg) for about 10 days. It takes a while to get me to sleep, but I do wake up refreshed and have more dreams that what I was used to, doesn't feel like I dream all night though.

I read somewhere that it takes a while (like a month) to start enjoying the full effects, In fact it is working better evey day but I wish it could kick in less than a hour instead of having to wait two to four hours.

What was your experience with melatonin? I would like to try it also. I am starting work next month and need to get on a regular sleep schedule,

Happy dreams!hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1287243

The melatonin seemed to work for the first couple of weeks. I'd take it about 30 minutes before you turn off the TV or lights, then settle into bed and it would help me drift off to sleep. If you miss 'the 30 minute window', and end up not drifting off by 30 minutes, it seems to lose it's effect.

I like the valerian root better, but will probably alternate them soon to see if that works.

I'm gonna definitely try some L-Ornithine though. That shit sounds dope for it's sleep-help and HGH combo effects....BTW, last night i dreamed about 7 moons in the sky. Our 1 regular moon- then people started noticing 6 others at varying distance in the sky around the regular one. It was so tripped out and real. The dream evolved into basically everyone in a panic and an 'announcement' by the worlds governments about something crazy coming towards Earth from space. Very vivid dreams on this stuff.
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