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Message Subject Why we have to confess our sins to a priest. Discussion here.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Kat posts in every Catholic thread to trash the faith.

She knows nothing about Catholicism, doesn't stop her though. And she has quite the reputation at GLP for story telling. She can't keep her stories straight.

It's a Commandment, thou shalt not lie. Even if you don't care about offending God, here in the world, you lose all credibility.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1309474

Needed someone to fight with today. Tag, you're it.

My problem is that I know way to much about the RCC.
 Quoting: kat

It's not a fight, your history proceeds you. You keep saying the same thing, never loving only your trashing the Church. Actually, your personal stories included in the constant attack do change. Drastically!

Don't be a story teller. Lying is a mortal sin. People recall. It's time for you to find another thread subject to constantly comment under at GLP.

Bitter, bitter fallen away Catholics, Jesus will help you if you let Him at the time of the Great Warning. I don't think it's going to be before.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1309474

I could tell you anything and you would not believe it. Does not matter. You have your own preconceived notions. They never change. you are truly one of the most unchristian folks I have ever encountered.

Bitter indeed. I was raised by abusive RC clergy. Were you? He was supposed to be a Christian too.
 Quoting: kat

kat, figure it out then, have no more encounters.

Stop, I've even requested it, quit searching out and replying to my posts and threads. Your constant untrue negative trashing comments and over again about Christ's Church shows everyone what you really are.

Your record of mixed up and changed stories are another. First you're only were baptized Catholic and now you say you
were brought up Roman Catholic. One story, your family
was Jehovah Witness. You say you are stuck living with a divorced man or you might of shared he never did divorce but he is a devout Catholic and then suddenly you're married to him???

Say something loving and true about the faith and I won't
reply to call you on your lies.

Pray for God's help. I've learned, you advise a anti-Catholic to confess their mortal sins to God, only then His grace will come down. Does no good. They object to Jesus' way to reconcile with Him, why would they do something less difficult?

You must die in the "state of grace." No mortal sins on
your soul. This is God's Truth, why Jesus established Confession -John 20:23-.
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