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Message Subject Why we have to confess our sins to a priest. Discussion here.
Poster Handle Ozicell
Post Content
Catholicism is blasphemy against God! There's no such thing as Catholicism, it's just stupid! You're either a Christian or you're NOT! Catholics believe a priest can forgive your sins but the Bible states VERY clearly that only through Jesus your sins will be forgiven. Catholics believe priests have the power to forgive sins but their just paving their own way to Hell! Catholics also pray to the virgin Mary and believe that MARY can offer salvation! This is so insane! Jesus Christ is the only one who can offer salvation and is the ONLY way to Hell which the Bible states clearly!
If you had ANY idea how much Catholics go against the Bible you would be surprised! No such thing! You're a Christian or you're not!
 Quoting: Vinyard

Funny! I have been in Christian ministry for 37 years yet I don't see myself as a Christian. I see myself as a child and servant of the Living God, just as the Lord would have seen it! The term Christian is no different from the term Catholic! It is man a made label! And that IS scriptural!!
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