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Message Subject CERN: Neutrino beam is 1000x more powerful than the sun!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
let me just throw this in here...
there is a CERN place in illinois that sends the world's largest neutrino beam underground to a place in northern minnesota that used to be a coal mine (that has a very interesting history on who used to own it).
this lab, i can't remember the names of these places but they are easy to find on google, coincidentally caught FIRE around the same time as the japan earthquake stuff was starting. it burned for 3 days. it hardly made news.
this lab was the 1st place ever to find "dark matter"
and they have the creepiest mural that rivals the denver airport's. the place looks like the hatch in Lost, mural and all. very weird.

anyway, when i read this about this beam being so powerful it made me feel uneasy as i live in the "path" of this beam from illinois to minnesota.
it doesn't make me feel comfortable, to put it lightly.
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