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Hollywood Illuminati film predicts the fall of Jerusalem in 2012?

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03/24/2011 08:51 AM
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Hollywood Illuminati film predicts the fall of Jerusalem in 2012?
Will Jerusalem fall in 2012?
Does a high budget Hollywood film predict the end?

Every conspiracy theorist worth his salt discusses the idea that Hollywood is run by the Illuminati and that the films produced by Hollywood are designed to create a cultural effect. This cultural effect is one that is desired by the Illuminati and that is why they fund these film projects. The theory is that the bigger the budget of the film the more likely that the film is actually just a propaganda tool.

Having once been part of the Hollywood scene I can attest to the many stories and rumors I heard about the group that controls Hollywood.

After I began deconstructing the films of Stanley Kubrick (See my new film Kubrick's Odyssey) I could see that one of the things that he was attempting to convey is this notion that a group of men control all of Hollywood's films and that each film is designed to have a propaganda effect on the viewer. When I go to see a Hollywood film today I usually spend the first fifteen minutes or so of the film trying to figure out what point of view, what piece of propaganda or agenda the film was designed to convey.

With this in mind let us now turn our discussion to one of these big budget Hollywood films. The film I am about to discuss is one of the more interesting products that Hollywood has produced in the 21st century. The film is called Kingdom of Heaven. It starred Orlando Bloom as the fictionalized version of Bailian of Ibelin, the last Christian leader of Jerusalem. The film came out in 2005 and was directed by the best living film director today Ridley Scott. The plot of Kingdom of Heaven concerns the travails of Bailian as he travels from France to Jerusalem. He joins the Knights Hospitalers and the Templars are the bad guys in the film. The film's bad guy is Reynald de Chatillion played with obvious glee by Brendan Gleeson.

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