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Message Subject Japans Princess Nakamaru & Italy Prince discuss Illuminati plan for depopulation!!
Poster Handle TrixieMama
Post Content
You want to know why Japan is being eliminated. All populations on isolated island will be eliminated. These people do not have th eland to feed themselves, nor do they have any natural resources.

Because of this they drain the resources from other countries.

Here are countries which will be affected least. Canada, Australia, USA, South American nations, African Nations.

Australia has lots of untouched land. The USA has lots of resources - wood, coal, oil and open plains. South America and Africa are basically untouched paradises with a few large cities. Europe will face massive population decline as will China, India and the Middle East along with the east Asian islands.

These are the resource thieves, who have more people than their land can feed, clothe and shelter.

Most large cities in the USA will be wiped out.

China: 2 billion
India: 1-1/2 billion
Middle East: 1 billion
Europe: 500 million
Eastern Asian islands: 200 million
USA: 100 million
South America 100 million

Thats 4.5 billion out of 6.
 Quoting: RF 1287633

It's unbelievable when you really look at the facts and realize this is the world we live in.
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