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Did Anybody Here Ever Get Any Seeds From Dinnergarden?? Rip-Off Warning!

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United States
03/25/2011 07:20 PM
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Did Anybody Here Ever Get Any Seeds From Dinnergarden?? Rip-Off Warning!
Here's the thread about it we had here:
Thread: Free Vegetable Seeds... Lets support this cause...

The game goes as follows:
You get a variety of seeds and all they ask for is a donation of whatever you can afford to contribute. See the thread for more explanation.

I hope the OP is still with us and can tell us if he/she ever got anything. I too, fell for this and donated 20 bucks, for shipping, whatever expenses, and sat waiting for what I was going to get. I got a few e-mails thanking me for my small donation (not small for me, being on a fixed income.....) and some hype about all the 'families' they were helping but no mention of any seeds for me or even if I was on a waiting list for any. Finally, I wrote them a pissed-off letter and haven't heard back.

Stay well away! They're making a profit as a registered non-profit in the state of Texas and scamming all the cash-strapped survivalists who actually tried to contribute something. If they're sending any seeds at all, bet it's only for the deadbeats who ask and don't even try to give anything in return.