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Message Subject **RADIATION PROTECTION**- non prescription list, revised and updated.
Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
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I have been searching for something that might decrease the risk of cancer from inhaled plutonium. Vitamin C seems to be the best candidate that I have found to date.

”However, the incidence of squamous cell carcinomas in animals exposed to plutonium and vitamin C decreased with increasing dose of vitamin C. The authors stated that vitamin C may interfere with the progression of squamous cell metaplasia to squamous cell carcinoma. ”

(This PDF contains everything you would want to know about plutonium):

[link to www.atsdr.cdc.gov]

More info:

"The primary plutonium hazard is considered to result from Inhalation of the aerosol. "

"Modes of entry into the body other than Inhalation are considered to be less hazardous. These include abortion through the intact skin, deposition in open wounds and Ingestion via foods grown or produced on contaminated ground "

[link to www.dtic.mil]
 Quoting: emerald eye

I believe that is because plutonium is an alpha emitter. Alpha particle are very distructive to tissue they hit, but are too large to penetrate very deaply. This means that they cause a burn on the skin, but do not cause deep damage. If inhaled or ingested, it's a whole different story. They are very distructive and cause many different cancers. Gamma rays, on the other hand penetrate deeply, but are so small they pass between stuctures in the tissue. Unfortunately, they do ocasionally hit the DNA or other structures, causing damage and mutation (cancer). Best bet, stay away from both, or use blocking substances listed on this thread. If exposed to either, you don't want to give them a home to stay.
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