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Message Subject Illuminati Game Card.......Its Prophecy, the Perfect Timing....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Instead of sitting doing nothing or going on ranting and getting angry adding..You Add dark Negativity to the system add light..

Stop being sheep and waiting to have your hands held.. Lets start walking now together.. This system is putting us against each other its time to ignore our thought of that and push against it together just not one leader....

My self I been running Riki white light energy and/razing the earth’s vibration idea… Then do my manifesting to have a peaceful ending to ascension wile tossing the energy to center of the earth…

True boring but do we really want shit to hit the fan????? Keep hoping it will and it might but I am pushing energy thoughts for it not to.. Grin

Now to manifest some Beer Grin !!!!!!!!

cheers And Peace!!!!!
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