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Message Subject Illuminati Game Card.......Its Prophecy, the Perfect Timing....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Whom ever it ends up being, they will probably just appear out of no where. The test guy was a success, he is POTUS now.
 Quoting: Raggs

This one, this Leader, will have to revive the Religious movement

I predict he will have a Priest hood or Religious back ground, and some how moved into Politics,

Im right, Just watch..
 Quoting: SPARTACUS 23

He has a fully anointed spirit so there is no need for him to be versed in any man-made religions or secret societies.
I believe he is not only incarnate on earth but has had all the experiences here that brought his sou/spirit in direct alignment with not only the planets but the conditions of the world.
We mustn't forget that he is a great medium and needs no outside people or devices to divine for him his journey,for his soul/spirit has been in the process of showing him the past,present and future not only of himself but the worlds
When all is aligned to the universes plan, he will make his move along with many others.
good topic Ed.
of course this is just my 2 cents.
I signed up on your site, Claudia here, but haven't had the time yet to navigate through, seems that you do have some cool people that joined with you..that's good.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1248229


We are a bunch of cool people...I look forward to your contributions!!!

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