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Message Subject Illuminati Game Card.......Its Prophecy, the Perfect Timing....
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he is going to be the most humanly human in heart...
he will have made all the mistakes of the world, but fast enough to avoid the normal consequences of mistakes that were not prepared enough, when there is not restraint in people their thoughts and judgements come out by harder actions then words...his mistakes, his sins were words and thoughts that he conquered and brought back in love and understanding. but in words and thoughts he was a sinner (judger of the oneness) like us, and by the pain of his past preparation he will defeat his own cross and join the One. And that second he is there he will return to here (=staying here), to start the circle anew, without starting it again, but approving it to start by no choice and then to receive all choice without the need to erase the past to fullfill gods place in Himself where he can be free, free of sense, by living in the whale (the body that doesnt need a soul to be our reflection in this world), that that can function without a soul, but where he can complete senseless ness by taking a second cross by living again in the body and later, that moment he will be taken out of the way and the hurricane will start, helping people by the image of hope the "seal of the prophet = oneness" brought us to show.

and this will complete the time of choice...so people can come home in the phase before oneness, paradise or millenium to fullfill the rest of their equalness by different crosses (to make one whole cross)/

this plan is the only plan possible...it is the plan of logic that is optimally fulfilled to allow god to be all, an choose not to be all, and complete this in a manner of the least pain to take for himself, his glory...the One Truth, divided himself in us, and will come home through us. all of u equal in the penny we receive and the penny we pay. and it is that day.
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