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Message Subject Illuminati Game Card.......Its Prophecy, the Perfect Timing....
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he will be in a place he first never wanted to be...because someone who understands oneness is lika free boy, and that free kid has to carry a purpose that is full of restraint, because every joke and every act and deed will make people question. That place is a place where he doesnt have to be, but will be, to allow the world a time of rest and hope and to allow the curse and blessing sides of humanity to build themselves up for the final night. That night will be carried in hope by the ones still understanding gods message of oneness = love = forgiveness of all in god, the southern kingdom or the woman who are pregnant (creation that creates the integration of the bad into something which has a purpose = actually forgiving it = love)...
The great earthquake (the literal is a mirror of the spiritual) where the 1/10th (gods part) and the 7000 (gods remnant) are moved.

as always in history, hope comes to bring us hope.
Mandela, Gandhi etc...not to save us, but to teach us how to save ourselves...but in this case, it will be when he would be allowed to leave, he will stay, to fulfill the senselessness, which makes god free of his own need for purpose or joy.

Ofcourse this looks the way around for some. like everything is created with 2 faces, as a planet turns the sun, evolutions goes in circles like the movement of a car is driven by the circling of a motor, and a motor teaches us the circling movement of evolution, a positive needs a negetive needs a positive needs a negative = mistake / regret / pro active action / restraint.
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