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Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/26/2011 03:35 PM
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"We (the scientific community), know that earth changes are coming. But the consensus is that we can do nothing without upsetting the current delicate balance of the global economy. If we were to announce what we know publicly - and admit that we don't know what to do - it would set off a world wide panic that could be worse than keeping quiet and letting events unfold. And besides, there is always a chance that we - and you - are wrong. Maybe nothing will happen after all."


This morning I was watching a number of Tom Turkeys strutting around with all of their feathers out - quite a display, I must say. However I noticed that the lady turkeys were not paying any attention to all of this pomp and circumstance - they were too busy getting food and attending to survival. It reminded me of Washington and how all of the leaders strut around pretending to be something they are not ,you know, all fluffed and puffed up, and showing us all how important they are when they are not, and things like that... But the masses are to busy attending to their own survival to pay any attention to the self-glorification going on...Is that what we call TOTAL DISCONNECT or something like that?

Then again we have some other critters that come around like the chipmunks and their bigger cousins - the gray squirrels. We have one that I call Napoleon because he does not care who comes near his food - he will attack without warning and keep it up until the "enemy" is forced away. I watched him drive a 30 pound Tom Turkey away. He then sat there in perfect peace eating his critter food. "NO FEAR", I thought. It would be nice if the American people had the same attitude - NO FEAR, and took those high strutting criminals in Washington D.C. and elsewhere and told them to take a long walk off a short plank. Oh Well, that will never happen.

Well, our Babylon invasion of Libya is going so well that no one knows what is going on - truly Babylonian confusion of the highest order ...Japan still having major problems and there is no question that a major cover-up of the radiation hazards is well underway... ...Watch the Middle East real close -- its all going down to utter chaos, seems like the Masonic motto is becoming all to real...

By the way, COMET ELEnin is not in the news at all, but there has been some major "earthquakes" whenever it came into certain alignments with Earth...this is a very dangeous comet, and that is most likely why there are no pictures of it, only two so far...I went to NASA website and only found NO PICTURES and a lot of debunking. Seems odd that a comet coming this close to earth would not be in the news at all, unless they don't want it in the news...But it may well be in the news in the FALL, say around mid-late September...no one talking about it or PLANET-X, you know, that non-event, non-entity THAT DESTROYS WORLD CIVILIZATION from time to time. NASA totally debunks Nibiri and claims there is no such thing - however we know there is...NASA means NEVER A STRAIT ANSWER...Of course the elite know all about X...but then again, YOU are a useless eater/canon fodder type and too stupid to understand things of the cosmos...Even the Bible speaks of it prophetically...not going to be a good spring or summer, at least the bots indicate that 2011 may be a most interesting lead up to 2012! There is no question that the world is totally insane, gone off the deep end, so to speak...

Of course, you realize that when the inmates run the asylum things can get pretty dicey now and then ...I'm speaking of course of those idiots of "high wisdom" that live within the beltway of D.C. Even the talking heads of media have not a clue as to what is really going on, and what is coming upon this world,and never will have...but I do wonder what CBS, NBC. FOX and other major idiot media will do when we can look up and see the DESTROYER filling half of the sky...but by then they will have stopped their broadcasting and gone to their little hidey holes to escape the WRATH OF THE LAMB. Sooo sorry, boys and girls, there ain't no escape from THAT ONE, that is, the REAL "THAT ONE", and not the imposter pretend "I AM THAT I AM" now occupying the BLACK HOUSE... Oops, that was a pretty politically incorrect remark now wasn't it? Well, I offer my most sincere and heartfelt apologies to all those I have offended, am offending now, and will offend in the future...By the way, the latest from John Williams is not at all good economic news:

- Unlike Reported GDP, GNP and GDI Have Not Recovered Pre-Recession Highs
- GDP Revision Reflected Weaker Consumption and Higher Inventories
- Home Sales Plunged Anew in Tandem with Housing Starts

- Revised Industrial Production Shows Much Deeper Recession
- February’s Production Level Lowered by 2.6%