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Message Subject Tech N9ne is in the Illuminati!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He was one of my favorite rappers :/

 Quoting: EYE OF ENOCH 1156156

let me fill u in on somethin, im from kansas city and been listenin to tech since the 90s aint listend to his sell out ass since 04 but he talkin about a spot of lindwood (32=33) st the bar code number is 6688846993 dunno whut thats all about prop when he got checkd into the psych clinci back in the day when he was workin at the casino beenb talkin bout it for years that little hand shake where dude had the 2 fingers out is a blood thing u dont kno bout that we usta kick it off 68th and paseo

he might u never kno, ever since he started showin out to white ppl he been a weirdo and he cant even come to the hood no more in his own city, tech aint no blood been always perpatraitin it he from a crip nieghboor hood before he moved to 56th and highland lol do your research but then again aint nobody kno tech like WE DO
 Quoting: shameless

Are you techs manager or something?
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