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Message Subject Tech N9ne is in the Illuminati!!!
Poster Handle Lil biz 7th
Post Content
Know what I think is funny, you have all these hater's out there talking about aaron doesn't hang in his city, and all this shit but neither does lil wayne, neither does alot of rapper's that everyone thinks is so fucking cool and bad ass but yet since aaron doesnt he has to be fake? you know when someone is on tour all the fucking time you don't have time to go to your town as much as you would like to, noone seem's to realize how much stress and how much time being a succesful rapper is, no they may not be real but on the other hand why judge them on the fact that they do not hang in their city and let me ask you this...who worked his ass off to get where he his right now whether or not he did sell his self because I know for a fact and I will not tell you how I know this and you ain't got to believe me but early in aaron's career he was not a freemason, because if he was then he wouldn't had to go through all he has, see when you reach a certain influence level in music,movies,tv,etc they approach you and ask you to join promising you more,well at first I do know this also that he refused to at first but later he was told that he had to because they told him that a person in this world cannot succeed without the vow, he also refused then they threatened his family and kids....no matter if he got out or not so, if it was me and I had kid's and loved my kid's as much as he does his then I would have no choice but I promise you that he is not influencing people the way other's do he is doing his own thing while using their's anyway's can't say too much cause they are reading this and every post, get to know someone before you judge them. 7th sign out
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