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Message Subject Tech N9ne is in the Illuminati!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lol why did u post that shit, tech i mean aaron yates is a little buster bro that dude is like 5 foot 2 lmfao no more than 200 somethin pounds if that would get that ASS WHOOPD he aint killin nobody......... jus stop wit this tech shit bro for the love of god, jus let the man sell out damn and ride for the ppl runnin u
 Quoting: shameless

Below if a photo of bob sanders. 5'8 205 pounds

[link to otrsportsonline.com]

He will fuck you up.

A man standing 5'2 over 200 pounds is probably a dwarf with great strength, and you should proceed with caution. Unless incredibly fat, I doubt his ass is gettin WHOOPD.

That is all.

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