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World Nuclear Association, 200+ Reactors Planned, Ideally 8,000+ by end of 21st Century

John Ritch, Director
User ID: 588917
United States
03/28/2011 05:28 PM
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World Nuclear Association, 200+ Reactors Planned, Ideally 8,000+ by end of 21st Century
To anyone out there who sees this post, I would highly recommend finding yourself a copy of the following book; it is essential ...

War, Energy and the Rock that Shaped the World
[link to www.tomzoellner.com]

Tom Zoellner, contributor to Fiscal Times
[link to www.thefiscaltimes.com]

All of you people who are against the Rothschilds and mad about the Federal Reserve or Oil, how many of you know that both Rothschild (french & british branches) & Oppenheimer (Robert J & Harry) have had their fingers in the Uranium pie since it's onset ?

There is alot of grit & dirt in this book to be sorted out, and it seems we are within a period that the industry refers to as being a 'Nuclear Renaissance' ....

World Nuclear Association
[link to www.world-nuclear.org]

Chapter: Renaissance
Page 256

""Plans for nearly two hundred new reactors are underway in nations all around the globe - including more than a dozen in the United States, where construction has been static since the early 1980s""

I think there may be some type of connection between these Nuclear issues and the uprisings occurring in the Middle East, as Yemen is on the table to receive a Pebble Bed Reactor ...

Pebble Bed Reactor
[link to www.google.com]

Chapter: Renaissance
Page 257

"'Uranium can quite literally save the world'. Said John Ritch, the director of the World Nuclear Association.

'This remarkable minearal and humanity has found reliable ways to turn it to the betterment of everyone. It is surrounded with myth and fear, but it is also surrounded by constructiveness'.

Ritch told me his ideal outcome would be 8,000 nuclear reactors operating within this century, up from the current worldwide level of 440.

'We have only begun to tap the world's uranium reserves, and the use of uranium generates a miniscule amount of waste that, with scientific assurance can be dealt with safely' ....

'Today, we can expand the use of nuclear power twenty-fold without increasing the nuclear danger a bit.' he added.


Rio Tinto (Rothschild)
[link to www.riotinto.com]

Areva, Rothschild
[link to www.google.com]

Nathan Rothschild
[link to www.vallar.com]

This is the wrong pathway for humanity, China & the rest of the world can not afford to follow the model of development & non-sustainability that the United States expedited during the 20th Century ...

We quite literally are writing our own fates, and insuring that we will not have future generations.

If Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and this ongoing Apocalyptic Catastrophe are not enough of an indicator - after the Oil Volcano - that humanity is going in the wrong direction ...

I do not know what is.

Should have taken seriously the Native Americans & the Aborigines.


Starting to feel sick in Santa Fe, but I live outside ...


Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 588917
United States
03/28/2011 10:03 PM
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Re: World Nuclear Association, 200+ Reactors Planned, Ideally 8,000+ by end of 21st Century
.. bump for stew pids ..

Are you with Stew Pid, or are you Stew Pid ?
[link to asoupnamedstew.com]