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Message Subject Sick Britain: The jeering crowds who urged suicidal man on McDonald's roof to 'jump off'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the people that tell them to jump, have a personal insight on suicide that most people don't have....

When a person tries to commit suicide by standing on a ledge it means that they are doing it publicly because they want to be talked out of it and are seeking attention from someone, or trying to make someone else feel bad for them.

When a person truly is miserable and wants to die it's a very very personal thing.... they write a sealed letter, and kill themselves in the privacy of their own room so that no one will know so that no one can stop them....

Everytime my mom has almost been successful at suicide it's been when she says nothing..... that's what you have to watch for...

So basically those people that are screaming jump off... are more or less calling them out for being completely full of shit... and they know it.
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