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Message Subject Sick Britain: The jeering crowds who urged suicidal man on McDonald's roof to 'jump off'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Look @ Great Britain.

It is f*cked beyond all hope with the number of Pakis and Negroids they have allowed to take over and push them around. A healthy population with any self-esteem and intelligence would not allow that to happen.

Of course it is Blair and Jack Straw that were behind the massive influx of dirty and diseased third worlders into the country. Mentally sound people do not turn in seven year olds for racism charges and they the lot of them do not let it happen out of fear.

Being afraid to speak your mind, threatened with prison if you do and acceptance of being a second class citizen to foreigners and Negroids is a mental illness. The majority have it there. They will evolve at some point.

Hatred for whites and punishing people for speaking out are things that archaic and backward people do. Grow and evolve into better humans. Understand nature and then you will understand what is natural.
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