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Message Subject The offer the Illuminati was made
Poster Handle Molock
Post Content
They would be like children again, unaware of their past lives as they would have been forgotten in this reality. Weather that means they would be forgotten in all dimensions of reality is not known. I guess i let another secret slip, this ones so awesome, but reincarnated souls will be awakening with their past lives intact. Very soon we will remember, to what extent i'm not sure, but it seems to be a symptom if you like of psychic awakening. Consciousness is about to take a huge step forwards, and we will find ourself on a new plateau with a whole new set of boundaries.
 Quoting: Molock

have you ever wonder so called past lives are just infused memory of BS?
guess people are easily manipulated regardless at what age they are in
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1301317

By BS do you mean bull shit, i'd like you to meditate on past lives. Don't expect anything overnight though.
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