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Message Subject Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana fight the Illuminati!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Remember when Stevie Ray Vaughn was killed on Claptons Helicopter. Clapton was said to have gave up his seat to Vaughn.

Then Claptons son was killed.

I elite are wanting to punish him very badly before they destroy him. Sad very sad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1323236

I learned something very interesting during a recent interview. The Host of that show was best friends with a bass player who played bass guitar for Gerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead when he did solo shows. This same bass plyer was contacted by Eric Clapton in to 70's to play bass on some tracks Eric was working on, This guy was flown to Eric Claptons personal island in the Caribbean.

This bass player told his friend, this host of the radio show that one day Eric took him out on his boat and when they got out into the ocean the boat ran out of Gas, for some reason the boats radio was not working and they had no way of contacting anybody as the boat floated further and further out to sea.

Out of nowhere another boat showed up and this bass player said the captain of this mystery boat was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and she was out there all alone. She pulled up and offered to help, he said Eric was not surprised and sweemed to know her, They tied up Eric's boat to hers and towed them back into land, back to Eric's Island.

When they had arrived Safely back at Erics Island he said he turned around and when he looked back this woman and her boat had vanished!

This bass player told his friend he remembered the name of her boat though because it was a word he had never heard of before, he said the name of the boat was The Seraphim.

The radio show host asked his buddy "You don't know what that word means?"

So he said he grabbed a dictionary and looked up the word for him, The guy was like Wow, Me & Eric was saved by an Angel?

Interesting huh? I just learned that last Friday during an interview I did on that day.

I think that guy is going to have that interview archived.
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