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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No, not a christian. It's a trap in the way that if you believe it then you believe YOU can be trapped. There is no way to trap that which you truly are except if you believe you can. So that belief, just as the christian belief, can set you up for a trap. Their only power is getting us to belief stuff they make up. Then they can use that against us.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288478

i like the way you think, but right now if someone wants to capture you can he not if you believe you can't be captured?
unless you're superstrong and smart any human the police for example can come and capture you arrest you and we have the technology to erase human's memory too.
same thing when we die we move on to the 2nd dimension and like in this dimension the smartest and strongest guy can capture us deceive us make us his slaves etc.
i also read our soul spirit etc is made from matter too only it is a lot less dense than the material body that's why it can't get destroyed or die it doesn't obey to the laws of this first dimension our physical bodies obey but it/you can still get deceived captured and get your memories erased through advance technology of the 2nd dimension.
 Quoting: billis

When in a physical body you can indeed be trapped. That's just the laws of the physical universe. Those with more power can trap your body. Those laws are much different at the next level.

Don't fly out of the solar system. Project your consciousness somewhere else entirely. Plan for that moment. Be prepared.

The other part of this is just a higher level of what has been done here. Many have been led to believe that this realm is all there is. Now that more and more people are realizing this is not true they will try to convince us that the next level is all there is. And since they were there before us they can say they are our gods.

What I'm ultimately saying is that this level and the next are not all there is. You are beyond those. You are an immortal awareness. You are a growth of awareness that supersedes the creation entirely.

When you are without your physical body you will have direct access to your sub-conscious which is your mind at the next level. This part of your mind, through many different technologies, has been suppressed so that you have very little control of it here. So you are unable to really root out false belief structures that have been implanted there. But when you cross over you will have direct access to the sub-conscious. So if you can get yourself out of the scene entirely you can gain enough time to go through your sub-conscious and dig out all that crap they have implanted. Then you have much less of a chance of being trapped by anything.
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