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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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but the universal antibodies have already arrived to wipe out these cancerous aliens that occupied this planet steal its natural resources and manipulate the human race for the past 13,500 years.Just watch the news from planet saturn there's a real star war that takes place in our solar system. its the 360 moons of saturn against the 120 of jupiter's, you think jehova with his 120 battleships will win? i bet on the good guys and to the freedom of this planet and the rest ones in our solar system.
 Quoting: billis

See, I don't want to tell anyone what to believe or not to believe. That's where I usually exit out of conversations. However, you want freedom so I'll just state this. You don't know for sure if the above is actual reality. You cannot prove it to yourself. If I'm wrong about that and you can prove it please let me know and I'll shut up. But my point is anything we read or are told or dreams or visions or whatever can be fabricated. There is so much crap and channeled info on the net. So many points of view and "they are coming to save us" stuff. The only conclusion I can think of is to not believe anything until I can actually prove it to myself.

Am I wrong in that view? Because it seems that there are dozens of new points of view every day. It's like a steady stream of stories so that ultimately there is a story that fits every single person's viewpoint. One person will resonate with this and another will resonate with that. Then we get on a forum and argue about which story is correct.

Meh, I'll just shut up now. I don't know squat either way.
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