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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle billis
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Ok. This is all outlined in scientology books and audio lectures that Hubbard gave on the subject its been a few years since I studied the material. I used to be involved with scientology and studied everything that was available to me at the time. So I will do my best to explain what was said about the subject of soul traps. In scientology they are referred to as thetan traps. Thetan is the word used in scientology to describe the soul. So this how it goes when you die your soul is pre programed to go back to the moon. The moon has a base on it that is a large computer system that and monitors the planet and our lives. Our planet is a prison and the moon is the wardens office. It is unclear if anyone is ever released or not. When you go to the moon you are put through a series of programs that scrambles your memory and you forget who you are and after a period of time you are sent back to earth to begin a new life. When you die and see the bright light at the end of the tunnel that is the program that the computer system has implanted in you to go back to the moon. So if you don't head towards the light you break the cycle of death and rebirth. What happens when you do so is unclear. John Lear mentions this as well from the pictures that he has of the moon and from his remote viewing experiences. In David dIckes latest book he goes into detail about how the moon is a space ship that was put there by the entities that have imprisoned us on this planet and how the moon controls how we perceive reality. He also talks about the soul being drawn to the moon at death. Another great researcher Michael Tasarion talks about this same subject in his work. The elites are apparently programs the A.I. on the moon uses to control us. It is also stated by all of these researchers that the creators of the A.I. system are from another dimension or wavelength than our own. So that is how you can tie this into the extraterrestrial and inter dimensional subjects. We have been enslaved for a very long time and what we are seeing now is the next level of the matrix being constructed and put in place. Religion has been used on both sides through out the ages to ether enslave us more or free us from this and each religion has both elements to it religion will never archive the goal of freeing us. Knowledge, truth, and personal enlightenment is the only way out. Which poses a huge problem because what are the truths that are hidden from us. Is anything I just wrote a truth. Very few ultimately know the answer, but all of us have that knowledge deep within us locked away and out of reach at the moment.
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my sources were informing people about soul traps from the early 80s when john lear was finally forced to talk about them in 2007 thats 27 years later, i don't trust any famous ufologist alternative media as they're all agents otherwise no one would have heard of them. from what you said they give a lot of true info and i know the best lies are mixed with truth, and that goes to my sources as well we can't fully trust anyone or anything these days but we have to do our homework and try to solve this puzzle and find an exit to this labyrinth.
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