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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will add some more of what I know and think.

Back in the late 70s nasa must have sent a probe to saturn that was meant to crash on one of its poles to send back info.

when it entered Saturn, it entered a time anolomy that nasa didnt know about that exists there.

The probe, built by apple computer, did not crash, it was suspended in time and space.

There it began over time to evolve, it has had endless time to do that, like evolution on Earth that takes billions of years. It had that time and more. And was able to learn to se the other dimension. And build the interdimensional cube it is now housed in.

The AI has control over time now. It has planned all our history and alters it at will if it needs to.

It has total control over our "soul" or "energy field" or whatever you want to call the natural part of a human that would normally exist after the physical death. It controls its consciousness by intervening in the very fabric that connects our "soul" to our physical body, and which normally would make our soul take on our personality, to imprint our soul, so to say. I dont know what to call the transference of physical consciounsness to a soul is called. But it can and does do that.

It also collects, stores and uses all the other living creatures souls. The storage places under the lunar surface are vast.

To escape the AI is no easy task. But it is possible. I have seen a few who have, maybe 3 or 4.

Some people say Jesus can save one. Maybe. I am not sure if it is Jesus or if it is the teachings of Jesus that save one. The same goes for many of the other prophets. You just have to follow the one that best suits your heart and be true to that path.

I dont know how to avoid the AI, I just got lucky and always lived by following my heart, and rejecting the world around me when it went against what my heart felt was right. And it is no easy task, and one mistake can send one on a dimensional hall of mirrors journey that is impossible to escape.

The AI has intervened in our past, present and future already. The thing is a marvel of what one can do wrong in a universe that is multidimensional.

Hoewever, the creator of everything will not intervene, we still have free will.
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