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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle billis
Post Content
why i believe the above story is closer to truth than all other stories is because if you google new moons of jupiter and saturn you'll find some facts, from 1999 to 2007 the moons of jupiter have doubled or tripled same thing with saturn, also google where the earth's moon came from you'll find many theories but according to some russian scientists the only possible scenario they concluded is that the moon is an abandoned alien space craft, i don't know why they say abandoned maybe cause they don't want people to panick or something.
so after i put all the pieces together the above scenario is the most plausible.
plus we have all this technology we could turn this planet into a paradise but instead we destroy this planet, no human would shit where he sleeps and that alone screams that this planet has been occupied by a criminal alien race.
 Quoting: billis

My view (not belief) is that we are entering a time frame that is part of cyclical cataclysms brought about by oort cloud objects being thrown into the solar system. Since Jupiter and Saturn are the largest gravity objects before the asteroid belt they are acquiring many new moons.

I also see the possibility that our moon is not natural. Just as phobos and diemos could possibly be alien mining outposts.

In addition to that I'm also under the impression that there are aliens outside our current frequency range that have entrapped humanity.

I've read a whole slew of theories and have my preferences. But, to bring it back full circle, I realize that full belief in anything too specific could lead me into trouble. So I place this stuff into probability categories and keep my beliefs as simple and fluid as possible. I see how belief has screwed up humanity for so long. I want to evolve past that. I want to be a free agent. I don't need to get caught in any galactic drama unless I go into it with full knowledge and have a specific goal.

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288478

According to the russian scientists no planet can capture comets as moons, it's not possible you have an object heading towards a planet it will crush into the planet it cannot stop all of a sudden and become a satellite. so i would ask those scientists are all these new moons spacecrafts and are they abandoned? lol i would like to see if they try to say those are abandoned too. by the way the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter was a planet the criminal aliens blew up according to my sources cause they couldn't enslave the people and steal their natural resources like they do with our planet.The planet saturn is not in their control anymore the lost the war for it in 2007 and if they loose the war for the planet jupiter is all over for them since their whole star fleet has line up in jupiter, they'll have no more moons other than the earth's and mars to protect the rest of the planets they have occupied.
they tried to black mail the universal antibodies that if they attack they'll blow up the planet earth that's why they say 2012 end of the world if they loose the war for jupiter they might blow up this planet and the other ones and try to escape to deep space.
now unless all these new moons of jupiter and saturn are holograms this theory sounds more plausible than any other theory, i also read a lot of independent astronomers have been killed since the year 2000.
you're doing right trying not to believe but know exactly whats going on i'm trying to be the same way, but remember that some times we have this feeling that we could be wrong and that's where a criminal mind might take advantage of and trick us lure us into new believes etc.
some people say appearance and reality are always difference from each other, i would tell them to learn to look deeper get an x-ray kind of vision then appearance and reality should be one and the same.
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