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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The main problem with this information is the misrepresentation of labels. I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve in "soul" traps but I do see what could be another twisted corruption to trick people.

What is being called "soul" here is what I would call the energy body. What I would call "soul" is what others call "spirit". Anyway, that's not really the point.

When the spirit takes on a physical body, the interaction creates the energy body (what is called soul here). This energy body is no more YOU than the physical body. There is no technology that can entrap YOU. It may be able to entrap the energy body (soul) that is created by your interaction in the physical/energy realms. I don't know if it can or not. But it doesn't matter. You are beyond this physical realm and the realm above this.

The idea of "connecting with your soul" may be bad advice because then your awareness/spirit will believe itself to be this soul (energy body) as many people believe themselves to be a physical human. If an AI wants your soul (energy body) so be it. That energy is not YOU. You are beyond the aliens, the AI and all their traps. The only thing they can do against you is to get you to believe their lies.

Their only true weapon is lies. They want to keep your spirit/awareness trapped because that's what creates the energy they feed on. Of course, this soul trap thing may just be another lie to produce fear energy. Who knows. But if you truly know yourself there's nothing in all of creation that can trap you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1288478

This is a really interesting thread. I wish I could PM you, above user, I'd love to know how you came to the above and talk things through because you seem to have a similar view on things to myself but have explained it much clearer I think than I could. I've only read halfway through the thread, will continue reading in a bit.

I have a vague concept on how things are "on the other side" which doesn't have anything solid such as moons or the Elite etc, but then I like the above poster don't cling to any specifics, just box them into "possibles". So when I say what I'm going to I'd rather you didn't believe it just because I say so, it's only my current theory and may well evolve over time, and even though it "feels" right to me, I didn't really "believe" it myself, just hold it as a "could be".

When it comes to the "light", "heaven worlds" etc.. I feel that it was created, over the "time" of this "system" by other "mind complexes" (I'm using words to describe concepts I hold in mind, unfortunately those words are probably attached to different concepts in other readers so please try to look past them and feel for the concept I'm trying to get across!) who were previously "trapped". How "we" got here in the first place... no idea. But I do think that "the light", the "helpers", etc, geninuely believe they are helping and have come to this view through being in the "system" for a long time and creating things to make it "easier" for "mind complexes" who cross over.

What this means for "us" - I'm not sure. Where we were "before" may or may not be "better". If there's other "systems" which work better than this one, I don't know. I do think this one has been round a long long time and is extremely well oiled.

I think the above posters idea of projecting to a space/time after crossing, and spending some time accessing the subconscious is very sound - think I'll try that one myself! If some NDEs I've read, the awareness has chosen to halt the process, I know it's possible. I intend to take my time over there.
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