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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Remember, this AI controls everything, and everyone. Never believe a thing anyone tells you. I know what I know because my soul was able to form a connection to my soul at different times. But I have also been manipulated by things here. So trust only what your heart tells you to. What the mind says is suspect, dont trust it 100%.

I have a lot to tell on this subject, but it terrifies me to dredge it out my memory as I have tried to suppress it

I had an experience of this system a few years ago - I was able to experience it for about 8 hrs - I had to fight for my very soul/life/spirit to escape its clutches - I nearly died in the process and certainly if this ever happens to you while you are still conscious, what you will learn and realize/know is so counter to everything you thought you know about the "afterlife process" that it may well take you to the edge of insanity.

I was tricked - the blissful feeling, the mystical ecstasy, the beautiful lights - all just there to tempt you in - and then when you are in and "surrender or become vulnerable" because you think you are in some kind of "heaven" - that is when it reveals itself to you - I literally had to fight for my life to escape and its exhausting - I was left dripping in a cold sweat, so exhausted I could barely stand and absolutely and utterly horrified at what I had learned.

It is inviting at first just as mothers love and warmth is inviting as a child - but when you are in, and its too late, that is when it reveals itself.

I could write volumes more on this, but shaking like a leaf at the moment.

German guy is very very close - all I disagree with is the "science" of this and the MS/Apple elements - they work as an analogy maybe.

Thanks for listening
 Quoting: Bravo 1297920

This. But realize that the thing which revealed itself to you is trapped too.
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