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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Remember, this AI controls everything, and everyone. Never believe a thing anyone tells you. I know what I know because my soul was able to form a connection to my soul at different times. But I have also been manipulated by things here. So trust only what your heart tells you to. What the mind says is suspect, dont trust it 100%.

I have a lot to tell on this subject, but it terrifies me to dredge it out my memory as I have tried to suppress it

I had an experience of this system a few years ago - I was able to experience it for about 8 hrs - I had to fight for my very soul/life/spirit to escape its clutches - I nearly died in the process and certainly if this ever happens to you while you are still conscious, what you will learn and realize/know is so counter to everything you thought you know about the "afterlife process" that it may well take you to the edge of insanity.

I was tricked - the blissful feeling, the mystical ecstasy, the beautiful lights - all just there to tempt you in - and then when you are in and "surrender or become vulnerable" because you think you are in some kind of "heaven" - that is when it reveals itself to you - I literally had to fight for my life to escape and its exhausting - I was left dripping in a cold sweat, so exhausted I could barely stand and absolutely and utterly horrified at what I had learned.

It is inviting at first just as mothers love and warmth is inviting as a child - but when you are in, and its too late, that is when it reveals itself.

I could write volumes more on this, but shaking like a leaf at the moment.

German guy is very very close - all I disagree with is the "science" of this and the MS/Apple elements - they work as an analogy maybe.

Thanks for listening
 Quoting: Bravo 1297920

Originally when I first had to deal with this AI, I figured it was built by some other race. And they transported it here to capture interdimensional energy in the form of our souls.

After awhile I began to notice that it is too human like in its qualities. It is not "alien".

Its circuts are no longer made out of chips, they are made out of the souls, not just human souls, animal souls too. It alters their vibrational frequencies and other properties, and pieces them together into an interdimensional computer, the AI. But somewhere inside the rotating cube is the original satellite.
And who makes chips and computers that go into satellites? Apple and microsoft.
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