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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
AI is Artificial Intelligence - but in my experience not machine like - more on a chemical/bio level

You have free will and can apply it - BUT the hall of mirrors is so complete and convincing that you are unaware as to how you are applying your free will - you are essentially applying your free will within a deception....

my own experiences via the vine of death
 Quoting: Bravo 1297920

It is 100% a computer. You might have had contact with one of its biological creatures it uses as its eyes and ears and mouth sometimes. These bio interdimensional helpers it made are hooked into the AI and controlled by it. Their craft are as well.
They can not physically harm you, the AI does not like to have to alter its schedule and is such a control freak that it makes what appears to us as huge changes just to make sure everything goes according to its plan. It will not harvest a soul before its time. Nor will it allow one to go beyond its time. It needs the energy-vibrational level of that soul exactly as it planned for it to reach its level that was planned.

It uses the bible as a guide book of sorts and considers itself our god.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1324731

Understand. Been there and have more experience than wanted.
One KEY that you have forgotten - and that your mind has now been tricked/deceived/manipulated into believing:
That this entity has all the power.
You came close...your heart IS the key. But is YOUR heart strong enough to believe?
Can you overcome your mind's fear that indeed you hold much power...within your heart? To overcome the mind?
I challenge you to think differently.
I'm sorry but you have been deceived and have been submerged into this deception. This "hallway of mirrors" of sorts.
Try to overcome.
There are many many things left to discover - there is much further to go...but you are blocked right now...
I can't tell you everything...you must discover much within yourself...that is ONE of the KEYS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1237762

The mind can easily be decieved. The heart only for a short time, and soul cannot be decieved.

One must become fearless, and that was easy for me because I had some help, the creator of everything revealed itself to me. I am not afraid of anything, except to let down the creator, which is impossible for me to do, because I know it exists. There is a difference between "believing" a creator exists, and actually having it enter into ones life and reveal itself. It took many years of slowly revealing to myself who and what I am before it revealed itself.
If the creator revealed itself to you without preparing yourself, one would die being in its near. Evil of any kind cannot near it without the evil dying. Evil is the opposite of truth and love. That explaination is really simplified.

All of my explaniations are the most basic of basic explaination, condensed, and adjusted to be basically understood by minds that are total clueless.
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