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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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When you go to the light you also have a wavelength emitter weapon aimed at you that is tuned to the joy wavelength. You approach the light and see what appears to be a religious figure or dead relatives and are suffused with intense happiness.

It is a deception designed to render the spirit quiescent and cooperative by their starstruck quivering with joy state. It is a trap you must avoid it. Or not. It's not like you haven't gone through that carnival ride a few times and look here you are just fine except for a severe case of amnesia and many implanted false ideas of what humans are and what you are. And many people have a deep seated obedient knee jerk impulse to ridicule anything that approaches the truth of this situation. It is built into this society along with almost all the religions which are designed as herding and control mechanisms.

That way a lot of the ongoing programming is done by the prisoners themselves to make sure they start when the spirit is still bewildered and gullible shortly after being amnesiaed and starting yet another pointless life. When it hasn't yet occurred to the just reamnesiaed spirit prisoner to start figuring out what happened.

Their new body is still a child and they are relearning the rules of the prison when their fellow prisoners start heaping on the control program. They are then convinced they are small and meek yet another entity is supposedly omnipotent and they must worship and obey any rule proclaimed to come from him.

Before you know it they are happily singing about the kings of kings and lord of lords or kneeling multiple times of day to a geographical point or rubbing beads or chanting. All thought of their own recovery is buried and they plod deeper and deeper into a spiritual cul de sac as they ride the human body pony obedient to the laws of the body and the limits of the prison.

When you die avoid the light. Go to a calm and nice place and just be yourself for a while till you regain your bearings. Keep in mind if you try to leave the solar system there is a quarantine system designed to trap spirits trying this. I'm not saying you won't succeed just be warned.

I suggest after you say goodbye to your relatives (keep in mind they are thoroughly indoctrinated prisoners and their ears are not open so they most likely won't hear you) then go to a place where you will not see and interact with bodies. We have been damaged to feel we need bodies now when that is a lie. But they act like an addicting influence.

The relatives not hearing you is just one example to make you feel like you are very small and not real if you are not attached to a physical object when the truth is the opposite. Stay away from bodies for a while and just be yourself. Once you settle down seek out other spirits that are doing the same thing and begin to discuss what is happening. Don't mingle with disturbed spirits stuck in their illusions unless you are trying to unstick them first. To do that get their attention on the present moment you are both in. That may take a while but if you succeed you have another free spirit next to you. You will both still have loads of baggage that is the reason you even got in this Earth situation but you will be better off then you have been in a long time.
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