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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm just beginning to see that maybe this whole light trap theory could just be another distraction/scam/lie/fear based/ story.

You see here we have these stories about "rapture", "ascension", higher self, spirit guides, lunar agents, annunaki, grey's, reptilians, archons, insiders, ex illuminati agents (would you trust a "EX" phedophile with your child?), blue beam, nordics, ashtar command, and the list goes on and on. Just to keep your attention away from what is really important, but from what?

Seek and you will find the truth....
I searched for 24 years and found nothing but lies, disinfo, PLAIN PURE MIND F*CK STORIES with LOTS and LOTS of DETAIL...
And to be honest i did not found truth, i'm not happy, The things i used to enjoy are now ruined thanks to the search for truth, nothing but lies, scams, i have learned absolutely nothing from most of the conspiracies only more questions which leads to more questions...i used to be creative its gone now, lost practically all my friends in the name of f*cking truth i really hate that word now nothing but pain and lies.

And then people come in for the kill telling you its was your fault "you have chosen this experience" and "you create your own reality" i call BS! With all these so called enlightened people lurking around here and the world it sure seems "evil" rules look around you....

And now we have these so called saviours showing up whether it be a religious saviour or some alien clown if you agree with their agenda you are special if you against the agenda then your a disease/cancer that should be destroyed. Hey but wait a minute are we not being bombarded with mind control from the very beginnings of our lives? It has formed an innocent/loving spirit into an evil human who kills (hearing voices to kill) its just sickening to hear this BS. And ignoring the fact that mind control exist. And lets not talk about the food poisons/addictions/meds/drugs to control you. Its just that insane thinking pattern that make me sick, a huge part of humanity is prone to heavy mind control so this means, they are screwed no "rapture" or "ascension" but punishment.

I'm just saying good luck finding the truth. I know it made me unhappy, lonely, loveless, even typing this hurts me.
Fuck this system of evil.
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