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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To 1494971

Have you seen this odd video docu?

It tells about the cancer beings AND that the MOON is a spaceship and used to mind control us by the beings living on the moon. Also saturn is a big part of this control mechanism.
They get their commands from an very powerful evil being who devour souls upon their death....

Share your opinion on this video....

Also the movie "Green Lantern"

The universe is divided in 3600 sectors....code for niburu? By an galactic federation "the green core"

In the first scene 3 aliens crash on a rock or moon...they fell into a cap, after awhile they encounter a being which ask them "are you afraid? good..." The next scene is one of a battle for their souls, because the evil being is SNATCHING pulling the souls/essence out of their bodies to be devoured...hence the evil being is freed from his prison to venture once again the universe to destroy life...

Later on one of the green lanterns tells the others of the 3 aliens whom their essence/souls are devoured by he evil being....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

The above video like all hollywood movies are being made by lunar agents, they give you a lot of truth sometimes they go as far to give you 99% of the truth but it's the 1% of lies that will get you everytime.
Like me for example i was reasearching the past 3 years a lot and after i had listened to all famous semi-famous agents i thought i knew a lot and i could relax until by total chance in the beginning of 2011 i found the "ghress" blog very few people knew that blog back then and i was like i fell from the sky and hit the ground hard, i was mad on all of these agents i was listening to for hiding the most important truth that 1% which without at the end i lose everything and it became obvious why they were so generous giving us so much truth, like the tv show "dollhouse" i watched last night the lady before she erased one guy's memories she told him everything he wanted to know, the guy asked her why you're telling me all this?, the lady told him "cause it's funny cause in 5 minutes you will not gonna remember any of it"
listen to all sides/points of view of reality you can find like a judge and the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

for the side of reality that none of the famous sources you find online give you google these titles of some articles of the hellen and chaos blog cause it's blocked here.

"Draconians, criminal killers of the cosmic organism"
"The Complete Truth about the Draconians and Moon (PART 1)"
"John Lear 2007 "Disclosures" already known to G.H.REES from the 80's"
"G.H.REES advanced inner fission MASER technology against our adversaries"
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