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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The ring from the green lantern is obviously an code for 101=horizontal now put it vertical and you get the symbol of the green lantern. The 101 is occult and it ties with the MASS ritual of 9-11 twin towers=11 but there was something in between the towers a "sphere" "(so called ties in with islamic mecca which is a black cube = moon/saturn worship the sphere was designed by a japanise artist if i'm not mistaken...) hence 101, this is just one of the meanings of 101. Also the story of green lantern with its 3600 sectors (code for nibiru?) Anyway they come to earth to save us from this evil being....Odd soul devouring=soul traps?, 3600, and the last battle...coincidence? Some movies do tell us something...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1344892

Thanks for the movie green lantern i saw the trailer last night and it was a lot of twisted truth but i'll definitely watch it as it's fun to unspin these kind of movies.

Like last week i saw the movie Thor and here's when i laughed so hard, when Thor fell to earth from his kingdom and was talking to a girl at night he told her i came to earth from this realm and as he was saying i came from... the camera showed the moon that was hiding behind the clouds telling us subliminally the real place he came from cause from a good alien being,race to land on earth first they have to take permission from the moon or blow it up and it's fleet.
Thor's father in that movie had lost one eye and i was wandering if these aliens are so more advanced than us why he doesn't fix his eye, regrow it etc like a doctor here on our planet regrew his finger or like some russian scientists Russia Today showed create any organs they want out of stem cells on a printer like machine.
Until later i realized that his father represented the one eye agyptian god that lost his eye in the battle with the dark side like in the movie Thor's father lost his eye fighting the bad guys, then in that mnovie they said they locked the bad guys at the heart of their planet verifying what i've learned about hollow earth underworld etc and that when our ancestors lost the battle temporarily 20,000 years ago to these galactic criminals, they got divided into 3 parts, the one part escaped to the center of our planet the second to the 4 outer planets of our solar system and the 3rd part left our solar system to bring support and defeat/arrest these criminals our todays criminal owners. that support has arrived in our solar system google "new moons of jupiter and saturn" that's where both sides fleet has lined up for battle.
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