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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I always wondered why the fuss about ascension, rapture, resurrection, sin, karma...they all seem to be the same...
SIN vs KARMA----you "fail" you go to hell or reincarnate again.
Rapture/resurrection vs ascension---you go to a "better" place if you did your home work.

But what i have been contemplating is the notion of the "higher self" what is it? Is it me? Why does it send me to this shitty place? To experience death, suffering? To learn? And yet forget the lessons when you "reincarnate" What a shitty school this is, How can i improve and better my self without memories? If its suppose to be me....

Never have i found on this forum the question "where is the HIGHER SELF of these aliens/inter-dimensional beings, whether they be good or bad...? How come they live so long thousands of years or millions or billions of years? And still seem to behave more or less like us. They interfere with the human race giving us nothing but channelled lies/distractions/prophecies and most of them never come to pass. They fight amongst each other "war in heaven" they abduct, they operate both in the physical and astral realms, while we are stuck on this planet never to experience the universe freely.

And yet they send us messages of "love" "peace" WTF???
This is just insane while they enjoy keeping their memories intact (otherwise there would be no progression in "spiritual" and technological sense for these beings)

While we as a human race bites the dust again and again. We never learn our lessons "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF" perfect expression of what it means...

And they have the nerves to tell us your not ready to advance to be "enlightened" well screw them its they who tricked us into thinking we made an conscious "free will" decision of course its a free will decision like a gullible sheep we accept any BS story they throw at us without any discernment because we don't have any discernment to begin with WITHOUT our memories if this story is true!

If i child gets raped, blown apart, killed well it was because the higher self or god wanted to experience that...WTF?? And yet we keep coming here to experience yet again this suffering in a world ruled by these kabal/archons/greys/draconic/evil trash scum bags.

Never have i encountered this question about the higher self of these aliens...not once! Its kind of fishy it stinks...

Regarding the moon not only does the moon and its moon beings screw with us and their countless moon religions. But the moon itself controls the tides of oceans...the human being itself consists of around 70% of water "lunatic" comes to mind....

And these archons/aliens/lunar agents know if a human does have an interest in tv, music, fashion, movies or religions they sure have other forms of programming aka new age or conspiracy. especially the notorious new age channellers, with their garbage full of details and their meditation techniques with symbols a human has to see in their minds, symbols i do not have a COMPLETE understanding of. As many know i hope symbols are a means to communicate with the subconscious mind very dangerous indeed. Especially when it involves metatronic geometric symbols.

And buy the way there is CONFORMATION regarding implanting FALSE memories and that includes hypnotism as past life memory recovering, they just implant false memories. Here is a podcast it talks about the above and the aliens mind blowing info but still use discernment.

[link to podcast.godlikeproductions.com]
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