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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why if we are spirits of the ONE true creator and with abilities and all memories intact including where we came from and what we are have to DESCEND in order to ASCEND??? This doesn't make ANY sense...

If we look at our history (or his-story) its filled with war, suffering, death, competition, and some nice experiences. For example you know how a fresh and tasty apple tastes like. You would never eat a rotten apple agree? What about a ignorant/gullible human who never tasted a real fresh tasty apple? You could convince that the rotten apple tastes great! However a rotten apple still bumpbumphas sometimes "fresh" pieces that tastes relatively good, but its not the whole goodness.

I think we are sovereign beings created by our true creator as with all living beings here or elsewhere to know this means that every spirit comes from the creator just like you so in a sense we are "one" but each and every spirit has his/her own personality and experiences. To expand the true creator made sure we always could learn or experience infinitely always something new to experience. But with all our memories INTACT that is how the creator wanted it IMO.

Those others evil scum bags who abuse their free will to imprison us trick us into entering their multi layered prison matrix to use us as slaves and energy source, it could be they disconnected their link with the one true creator in order to play their wicked games, but with a price they need energy to sustain them selves and thus we are tricked captured memory erased to be used as slaves and energy source.

They don't want us to be free or use our true potential which is a full connection with the one true creator to live free, happily, full of love, and adventure or help other beings trapped in prison matrix in other places in the universe.

Remember who you are and where you came from reclaim your memories of how it was when you felt the love of our true creator and all your experiences (memories) of what you have learned here or elsewhere in the universe/dimensional planes. I'm not convinced this is a school or god wants to experience how it feels to be murdered or raped or just suffering by some of the teachings floating around.

Its my great wish that all humans who wish it, to be free and reclaim their memories to live a life full of love and great potential.
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