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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hello OP,

Thanks for this thread, its a good read and some vital info.
Remember one thing, though. It's good to fight the fight - but you will lose if your heart is filled with anger and hate. You will most likely get sucked into a very low vibrational plane at the moment of death, and from there it's almost impossible to break free. Keep a clear mind, focus on compassion and fight them with love. They can't stand pure, real love. From a higher plane, you can break free from the trap system.

But i guess you have read maggador's thread and know the techniques... Just make sure you remember them when the time is right.

I think we well be free to roam the universe very soon... Critical mass is almost reached.

I'm with ya
 Quoting: Mokujin

everything can be used for evil or for good, our emotions for example can give us fuel to get something done or they can destroy us, all these famous agents that demonize fear are taking advantage of the masses cause they don't know how to work it and benefit from it, imagine you have a knife a pistol and an alien blaster gun, the last one is the most powerful but you can hurt yourself big time if you don't know how to use it? what would you do? would you throw it away when a weapon like that can be vital in some situations? or you would take the time to learn how it operates and how to take advantage of that and use it in a good way that benefits yourself.
same with all our emotions if we use them wisely they help us out big time if we use them like ignorants we get hurt, it's like playing with fire, now imagine these same famous agents say to some ignorant people how evil is fire and they should never use it cause it's evil and it burns you just use water you see how stupid they look like to someone that knows the benefits of fire and knows how to use it? he'll be like where these cavemen came from?
we should stop being ignorant cavemen and these people that demonize emotions like fear in reality they make you afraid of fear and other emotions, just like in the movie green lantern the human told to the old wise men you don't use fear cause YOU ARE AFRAID OF FEAR! now replace fear with fire the only people wouldn't come close to fire to get warmed up when it's cold are the ones that are afraid of fire cause someone spiritual/demon possessed agent scared the crap out of them, made them handicapped.
Hope you realize this new age madness these famous agents promote is as mad as someone tells you don't you both of your hands legs ears eyes one is good to concentrate the other to distract you, you got to love being handicapped ignorant and a caveman don't be afraid of it just love it.
Or my favorite from the movie back to the future.
"Hey lets race lets fight jump from a cliff step on a bear trap, what? are you afraid are you chicken?" and the guy to proves he's not a chicken went straight into trouble.

I can keep going forever embarrassing them using my common sense only!
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