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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've heard alot about this subject and it's hard to take in
but would like to know your thoughts on the story
of the 4year old who died and saw heaven and all.
if the kids story is true how would that tie in with soul trapping
and if his story is false explain what he saw because he
would've been snatched correct & not sent back to the same body
rite? idk I'm jus askin. cuz the kid said he was in heaven chillin with

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2077123

First of all i do not doubt if this kid had this experience.
Secondly he might had an benign experience with an benign being called jesus (although the markings made me think...)
But we are not sure 100% hence below is the other side of these stories and what they could mean...

They have the ability to implant false memories or they give the "order" to spread "the message" as with most NDE experiences, they come back with a "message". Also it does not matter what your belief systems are you go to that heavenly place where you "belong".

Also there is some reluctance for bad stories about the NDE or OBE and i'm not talking about those hell NDE's, but rather about how the false heavens work. For example you have people who go either to a "heaven" or "hell" or are being convinced to reincarnate AGAIN!. Or you are allowed to stay in heaven for an amount of time...they send you to school (brainwash) learn stuff. And then its time to reincarnate again. But what they didn't tell you is while you went to school they mind f*cked you and probably have installed some mind control program, that they can use when your on the physical plane to spread their vicious message unconsciencely. Its also done while humans dream, hence many can't remember their dreams due to what they have done to people.

They have the ability to beam you with a "love" device, making you paralyzed and unable to think critically and with discernment, because you are in a "bliss".

Pay attention to what the boy said: "what god did is he used people or things that i liked to calm me down, from there on i felt better"


Jesus had MARKINGS on his hands and feet just as he and his father said. Question now is did he really was crucified on the cross (or hanged on a tree? see bible verse Acts 5.30 and others) for our sins? Just what catholics want you to think. The whole jesus story is full of holes and as with all major religions to control us.

I watched the youtube link it all sounds so familiar. Ever wonder why these book companies (controlled by the elite) spread these NDE books like wild fire? Have you seen this thread?

Thread: What Heaven Looks Like! Wonderful!!! Part 3 is New!

Would you believe that heaven has golden roads? Golden houses, silver this and that. Its a lure...There are however other sources who tell a whole different story about NDE and Astral projection (and these are somewhat suppressed) Robert Monroe come to mind one of the experts on astral projections. He to tells us of the reincarnation (scam) for energy "loosh" he was socked when he learned this. Oh and he tells us about "escape velocity" escape from the matrix...
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