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Message Subject !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Incarceration (incarnation) and incarcerated (incarnated) wtf how huge are the odds of the true meaning of reincarnation/incarnation/incarnate? We now know it's a scam/prison.

And guess what that's exactly what these words Incarceration and incarcerated mean a prison again and again!!!

When i saw that it was like a revelation to me.
How big is the odds that the meaning of these words are prison again and again???

Regarding fear when used ignorantly and wrongly it will destroy you or if you live with to much fear it will destroy you. If you read something and somehow a feeling of fear arises this could mean that the information was ment to inflict fear, to keep you down in a fearfull state.

When this is used with truth (together with fear based information) you now if you maintain a clear mind have the ability to discern BS=fear with truth. That's how they work.

Fear is a natural emotion to warn us from harm. It can take over a human when not careful and this will lower your "frequency" considerably, thus making you prone for even more fear attacks, taking you down into the abyss. Learn to see the fear warnings learn from it feel it and let go of it, because it now served it's purpose. No need to indulge your self in it. Love conquers fear if applied correctly.
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